Project Introduction

The SNESology Project allows anyone with a web browser to compose and share original music based on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Sound chip, and other consoles too!

Project Goals

SNESology Player Demo

Currently Working:

How to put the player on your website

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SNESology Composer Demo

This is an early demo of the SNESology project's free online music composer called Audio Source Composer. Follow our Facebook for announcements. Visit our Discord and tell us what you think. Check back soon for updates!

Help Wanted!

How to report a bug

Want to contribute?

If you have an idea for the project, skill to lend, or you think you can contribute in some other way: We're looking for programmers, graphic artists, musicians, beta testers, and feature wish-lists. Join our Discord and check out our github README for information on how to help.

Coming soon: Audio Source Music Communities

SNESology Music Community

Listen to and Publish Remixes (of copyrighted music)

AudioSource Music Community

Listen to, Publish, and Sell Original Music